Experiments with scrolling effects since Nike “Better World”

When Nike launched its micro site “Better World” in January, the reaction to it from the design community was one of across the board admiration, mainly directed towards its stylish use of the parallax scrolling effect. It certainly wasn’t the first site to use this effect, sites such as “Row To The Pole” had already incorporated the idea into their backgrounds, but it was one of the first to bring the effect to the literal foreground of a site’s design, turning scrolling down the page into a enjoyable and involving way for the user to reveal content.

Endless blog posts have been written about Better Worlds, the concept behind it, the design process and the advanced javascript and html5 that was used to build it so I won’t dwell on it, but rather use the site as a starting point to chart month-by-month six more examples of how designers and developers have continued to experiment with new ideas using interaction with content through scrolling.


January 2011 – Nike Better World - http://www.nikebetterworld.com/

Not the first but certainly the best known example of a parallax scrolling site and the likely catalyst for a lot of the scrolling experiments that have been explored so far in 2011.


February 2011 – Head 2 Heart - http://www.head2heart.us/

A more playful, bouncy take on parallax scrolling, but this time left to right instead of vertical and opting for navigation buttons rather than a scroll bar.


March 2011 – Ted x Portland - http://tedxportland.com/

Particularly original use of parallax scrolling with an entirely aesthetic purpose.


April 2011 – Unfold - http://unfold.no/

Vertical parallax scrolling with a clever trick when you get to the end of the page.


May 2011 – Cantilever Chippy - http://www.cantilever-chippy.co.uk/

Vertical parallax scrolling, another good example of how a bold style, large graphics and parallax scrolling fit well together.


June 2011 – Nizo App - http://nizoapp.com/

As you scroll down the page elements from an iPhone 4 and a Super8 camera slide from off screen into a neatly organised pattern, the site was so popular when it launched that it became a trending topic on Twitter.


June 2011 – Visit New Zealand - http://www.newzealand.com/uk/

Scrolling down the page loads a brand new image from a sequence for every click of the scroll wheel for a stunning stop-motion effect.

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